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The Art and Business of
Bringing People Together

September 28th (a 24-hour event)
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Influencers stand apart, confluencers bring together.

Confluencer Con is a virtual conference centered around the art and business of bringing people
together. The event will feature panels, workshops, and gatherings to empower
and support confluencers in their craft.

Topia is changing the way we socialize online.

Join us for 24 hours of disruptors, growth experts, community builders, and leading
immersive experience creators on Tuesday, September 28th.

Topics we’ll cover:

Confluence 101
World Building
Space Making
Creator Economies
Community Cultivation
Surreal Estate
Hybrid Events
Ethical Tech

Check out this epic lineup of growth, community building, culture and immersive design experts you’ll hear from…

Alexis Ohanian

Founder of Seven Seven Six & Co-Founder of Reddit

Cristina Apple Georgoulakis

Operating Partner at Seven Seven Six, Former Head of Growth At Typeform

Daniel Liebeskind

Founder at Topia

Karen Allen

Author of Twitch for Musicians

Imari Tuakli

Founder at How To Human and Creator of “Middle Ground” web series

Will Cady

Global Director of
KarmaLab at Reddit

John Zdanowski

Former CFO of Second Life and General Assembly

Justin Lane (PhD)

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CulturePulse

Sarah Adolphson

Co-CEO at The Artemis Agency, Creator of A-List celebrity foundations

Brian Swichkow

Managing Partner at
Citizens of One

Christina Weber

Founder and CEO of WeDeepen and Feminine Weapon Day

Alex Angel

Chief Community Officer at Commsor

Mathilde Leo

Head of Community at Circle

LeRon Shultz (2X PhD)

Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer at CulturePulse

Sam Kaplan

Creator of SafeTeaShop and /teahouse Community on Topia

Shannon Stiggins

Multi-Hyphenate Creative, DJ, & Community Builder

Cianna Stewart

Author, Podcaster, Documentarian

Jim Goodman

Creator of Ticketmaster Online and

Max Schlienger

u/RamsesThePigeon on Reddit, Writer and Creative Consultant

Rob Allam

u/GallowBoob on Reddit, Community Lead at Shopify

Kaitlin Chin

Founder of Cirque du Nuit

Thomas Daly

Founder of mePrism, Advocate for Consumer Control of Their Data


Author, Speaker, and Pioneer of Expressive Arts Therapy 

Alexander Lee

Reporter Covering Gaming, Esports, & the Metaverse at Digiday

Anand Kulkarni

Founder and CEO at Crowdbotics

Ari Andersen

Partner in
Atlantic Crossing Media

Yarixa Ferrao

Unleash! Creatrix

Seth Bunting

Co-Creator at The Canvas, Partner at Presence

Mike Cavanaugh

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Pioneer, Founder and Chairman of Regiment LLC

Paul Hamilton

Co-Founder of vTogether

Rene Jones

Partner and Head of Social Impact at United Talent Agency

Jaclyn Marshall

Head of Communications at Regiment, Founder at J Blue Productions

Marco Hansell

Co-Host of Rad Intelligencer for Influencers (Podcast)

Diego Martinelli

Founder at Defy Culture & Safe Sound

Joel Goldman

Executive Director of Entertainment Industry Strategy & Relations at CARE

Lia Figueredo

Principal and Chief Strategy Officer at DEFY

Doug Burnett

Founder and Chief Good Officer Buena

Alex Wright-Gladstein

Founder and CEO of Sphere

Nivi Achanta

Founder and CEO
at Soapbox Project

Jordan Lejuwaan

(Co)-Founder of ZeroSpace,
Gravity Products, Futurism, HighExistence, etc.

Julia Grace

Founder of The Wave Movement

A Human

Online and In-Person Event Specialist

Elyse Petersen

Founder of Tealet

Jacques The Party Scientist

International Social
Bonding Specialist

Chantle Swichkow

PhD(c) in Human Genetics at UCLA, Co-Creator of /fermentation

Ayesha Hussain

Founder, Sexologist & Immersive XP Designer for Love Lulu Coaching
& The Violet Events

Miguel Angel Senquiz

Growth Partnerships Lead, Integrations Team at Soundcloud

Katy Cook

Gina Levy

Founder of KindraConnect

Bryan Aldea

Customer Success
Manager at Topia


Session #1 | 1:00 AM PDT

Community Stewardship: Exploring what it means to cultivate the communities that we need to thrive.

Brian Swichkow, Mathilde Leo, Alex Angel, & Nivi Achanta

Session #2 | 2:00 AM PDT

World Building: Explore the ins and outs of building worlds that bring people together from Topia’s most experienced creators.

Paul Hamilton and A Human

Session #3 | 6:00 AM PDT

MetaTea: Join an interactive storytelling tea party in a Chinese teahouse in Milan, Italy inside a virtual teahouse.

Elyse Petersen

Session #4 | 7:00 AM PDT

Fun Leadership: A highly interactive workshop on becoming a more effective leader by raising your fun quotient.

Jacques The Party Scientist

Session #5 | 8:00 AM PDT

Evocative Play: Connect with your inner human potential through play


Session #6 | 9:00 AM PDT

Creator Economies: Meet Reddit’s top confluencers and hear what they have to say about leveraging (and hacking) creator economies.

Brian Swichkow, Rob Allam, and Max Schlienger

Session #7 | 9:00 AM PDT

Community Cultivation: An open conversation about building strong, resilient, and empowering communities.

Jaclyn Marshall, Diego Martinelli, Lia Figueredo, Jordan Lejuwaan, and Mike Cavanaugh

Session #8 | 10:00 AM PDT

Community Stewardship: Meet the experts who create, build, empower, and guide communities and community-led companies.

Brian Swichkow, Christina Weber, Julia Grace, Gina Levy, and Imari Tuakli

Session #9 | 11:00 AM PDT

Shifting Culture: Learn how conversations shape behavior, communities and culture (from the Global Director of KarmaLab at Reddit).

Will Cady

Session #10 | 11:00 AM PDT

World Building: Using cutting-edge immersive and spatial design to create spaces (with Topia’s most experience creators).

Brian Swichkow, Kaitlin Chin, and Sam Kaplan

Session #11 | 12:00 PM PDT

Experience Design: Discover the difference between “an event” and “an experience” and how this gives you an edge.

Imari Tuakli, Marco Hansell, Seth Bunting, Ayesha Hussain, & Yadi Ferrao

Session #12 | 12:00 PM PDT

Confluence 101: How “Confluencer” will replace the “Influencer” and the art of bringing diverse groups of people together

Alexis Ohanian, Founder of Seven Seven Six & Co-Founder of Reddit, Daniel Liebeskind, and Cristina Apple Georgoulakis

Session #13 | 12:00 PM PDT

Lunch Club

Bryan Aldea

Session #14 | 1:00 PM PDT

First Connections: Andy’s Rooms Art Therapy ft. BleachedBlond talking about strong first Connections.

Shannon Stiggins

Session #15 | 1:00 PM PDT

Joy Laboratory:  A mental health party that will make you feel connected and exhilarated.

Jacques The Party Scientist

Session #16 | 2:00 PM PDT

Ethical Tech: Creating space, and a private an impactful future.

Brian Swichkow, Jim Goodman, Thomas Daly, Ari Anderson, Katy Cook & Alexander Lee

Session #17 | 3:00 PM PDT

Community Streaming: Learn the power of cultivating and engaging communities with the Art of Live Streaming Twitch and Reddit

Karen Allen and Shannon Stiggins

Session #18 | 3:00 PM PDT

Space Making: Come learn the art of making & holding space and watch your community emerge around you.

Sam Kaplan, Brooke Daily, and Cianna Stewart

Session #19 | 4:00 PM PDT

Creator Economies: Tap into what the new era of Creator Economies and learn what it means for the Internet of the Future.

Daniel Liebeskind, John Zdanowski, Anand Kulkarni, and Brian Swichkow

Session #20 | 5:00 PM PDT

Collaborative Philanthropy: Radical ways collaboration can impact lives, communities, and businesses.

Sarah Adolphson, Rene Jones, Joel Goldman, Doug Burnett, and Alex Wright-Gladstein

Session #21 | 6:00 PM PDT

Surreal Estate: Learn about Topia’s creator economy and how to make money by bringing people together.

Daniel Liebeskind and Brian Swichkow

Digital Dinner Party | 7:00 PM PDT

Digital Dinner Party: Join the first couple married in Topia for dinner and drinks, stay for everything ineffable.

Brian Swichkow and Chantle Swichkow

Session #22 | 8:00 PM PDT

Symposium: Join us for a space made for co-creativity and play.

Brian Swichkow and Chantle Swichkow

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